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One to One

Therapy Sessions

I offer both virtual and face to face therapy sessions. Each of our sessions will last 50 minutes. In this time we may start with checking in on how you are feeling and what feels heaviest on your mind in that session.

From there we take our session forward by exploring the depths of your thoughts and feelings in that particular week or we may want to refer back to the goals we set at the start of therapy following your initial assessment.

I aim to ensure our sessions feel open and not rigid in nature so that we can be flexible in working on whatever feels most important to you.

I aim to create a non-judgmental environment where you hopefully feel a sense of safety.

I may offer a variety of therapeutic tools to best support you and your individual needs. With my personal experience and professional insight from over 2000 hours of client hours, I will use this to provide the right environment for helpful therapy sessions to occur. 

We will then review our work together at session 6 where we may contract for a further number of sessions or feel it is the right time to end therapy. 

Each session costs £50

Currently I only work virtually, therefore our sessions will take place on Zoom with video/audio calls or via telephone

My Expertise

Anticipatory Grief
Childhood Issues
Chronic Illness
Coping Skills
Difficulties with Trust
Exploring Sexuality
Family Conflict
Family Relationships
Friendship Issues
Life Transitions
Loss of Motivation
Low Mood
Relationship Break up
Romantic Relationships
Low Self Esteem
Self Harm
Supporting Others
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