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Why Choose Counselling?

You may be reading this blog post with thoughts of 'should I have counselling... is it the right time for me... what is it even like... how will it help me?'

These are all really important areas to be thinking about before starting your journey of counselling. I know it may sound like a cliche to use the word journey but that is often what having counselling can feel like to a lot of people. A journey through self-discovery, understanding of your past and how it may be impacting your present, the way your mind works and how you react to things. And the journey from difficult struggles to working through these aspects of your life where you may no longer have to carry such a heavy burden.

I therefore never take for granted how huge it can feel to start therapy. Within the counselling profession all counsellors are required to have their own therapy in order to practice ethically and simply understand what it is like to be sat in that other chair. I feel therefore I can somewhat relate to those feelings you may be going through right now - anticipation, fear, excitement, worry, anxiety or hope, to name a few.

But if you do feel that making the first step and arranging an initial assessment is possible right now, you will have done one of the hardest parts - reaching out. This is a sign you may feel you deserve to feel better, you want something in your life to be different, you are struggling to understand, cope with or process an upsetting life event. One stereotype I often hear about therapy is 'I need to have been through something traumatic in my life in order to access therapy'. Yes that may be the case for some people, but it is not a necessity. Therapy can be just as helpful to you if you are in a good place in your life but you want to improve your relationships for example, or prepare for a life change, or improve a part of yourself. Therapy does not have to be based in trauma.

Above anything else therapy can offer a space of 50 minutes every week just for yourself, to explore and let go of whatever may be on your mind that day, no matter the topic. It is a space I endeavor to make feel as comfortable as is possible (and yes we can even have a laugh in our sessions!) and a place you feel really listened to. This is why for some people therapy can feel like self care - they just want to be heard, for it to not have to involve anyone else for those 50 minutes and for there to be no repercussions of what you tell me, which may be apparent when we share things with family and friends.

You may also feel like you don't always want someone in your life to necessarily try and fix your problems when you share them. In our counselling sessions I will not fix your problems for you. I will listen, share my professional insight and help alongside you to find and develop the tools to deal with what is on your mind.

Finally, my overall goal is for you to eventually begin to feel better within yourself. This may require us to work through painful memories and emotions together, and in doing so move through these and emerge from the other side. What can be on the other side is a quieter, freer mind which has been able to process upset, develop coping skills and become more resilient in the face of life's challenges.

If you feel you may be in a place where you feel ready to take this first brave and courageous step, please contact me to arrange an initial assessment and we can simply take it from there.

Thank you for taking the time to read my first ever blog post here on Kate Dickinson Counselling.

Look after yourself today,



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