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Why I quit the day job.

Hi everyone, I am so grateful for you reading this blog and so excited to hop back on here. Blog writing is something I wish I did more of and now that I have a little more time on my hands it's something I want to carve out some regular space for, as I really enjoy it and feel I can get across much more that I want to than on a post or a story.

A huge life changing moment happened for me recently in the form of handing in my notice at my regular, steady job in November 2022 after over 4 years there, to ultimately becoming self-employed in January 2023 at the age of 28. I never quite envisioned I would be running my own business 5 years since qualifying but here we are!

It took me a long time to get to this point and possibly 9-12 months to actually make the decision to leave part time, permanent and secure work.

The reasons being I wanted to carve out my own practice - meaning having the flexibility to work with who I chose, have variety in my working day and dictate my own working hours and on what days I wanted to work. Working previously within a counselling service that was part of a large organisation means naturally you don't these choices. I noticed as my skills and confidence grew I craved this freedom and choice that my day job was not able to offer me.

This too was the only job I had had since I qualified as a counsellor back in 2018. I feel I have come on leaps and bounds as a counsellor and as a person in this time. I am so grateful my job took me on as a newly qualified person, but now I feel I have grown enough that I am ready for the next chapter. Becoming stagnant is a feeling I never wanted to have, and this stagnation was having a real effect on my motivation, my mood and enthusiasm at work and overall happiness. I needed a change.

It's been a strange and scary time of transition. I had somewhat naïve visions of whilst I am building up my clientele that I would wake up and relish the quiet days. But instead I have found I need to build a new sense of purpose and routine into my new working days. But whilst I harbor this patience I am reminding myself that everything takes time, everything takes adjusting to and that such feelings of unease, anxiety and uncertainty of the 'newness' will pass. And that they are pretty normal in a time of huge change and transition.

Do you too feel that you have become stagnant in your job or line of work? Ready for a change? But would value the support of a counsellor to run through the feelings this conjures up? Get in touch with me today via email to arrange your free initial consultation.

Kate x

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